Alabrar for the housing of the students

Alabrar for the housing of the students

Located on an area of ​​«962 m 2» and contains «3» roles and a basement of services, and consists of the number «12» apartment in each role «4» apartments. The apartment consists of «4 rooms + 2 bathrooms + balcony»

The idea of ​​investing in the righteous project

The project is an investment student real estate units:

You can now invest in the most secure real estate investments, housing for students in the most densely populated countries and a number of universities. You can start buying a real estate unit for one student or two units for two students or a full room. The number of rooms per room is 4 students. You can expand and buy two or more rooms, Because the more investors invest in the quantity of real estate units the higher the returns, the better types of investment a full apartment with 4 rooms to reach the number of investment units to 14 students, or expand more and invest in two apartments or a full floor and as such.

We have provided the investor the freedom to choose the real estate investment unit according to its material potential:

The expected returns in this project from the operational projects range from 8% to 13%, ie, they provide more than the traditional deposit returns. The investment period is 25 years. The capital of the investor is recovered in a period of up to 7.5 years under excellent conditions. The student is entitled to resale at any time after 24 months of the contract. The future of the investment is expected to increase by increasing the number of students in Yalova universities and the students' demand for student housing for all the services that serve the university student.


Why does the lawmaker of the righteous achieve more returns than others?

Thanks to God and thanks to him has been completed the construction and finishing of the project of the righteous housing students and has been prepared on Special specifications in line with the goals for which he was painted as an exceptional private building where a number of people are welcomed The students are housing and daily life, and have been observed the requirements of the Ministry of Education in its construction and follow-up government departments For such a project, including the municipality of Yalova and the Department of Civil Defense And after the completion of the routine work, the team concerned with the project of the righteous housing for students With many additions make it a special project and exceptional and not like other projects, which increases the demand for him and be Iqbal Students and their families more, which increases returns in the project, and this rule and management policy The project is: The more quality and care in the project the more The increase in returns and interest, and below we review some of the things that distinguish the project righteous people and others Revenue increased.


Customization increases returns

The housing was allocated to the students, especially for this allocation of higher yield in the lease, where the side of privacy Allows the investor to increase the rental value by between 20% to 40%, that is The average rent for public and mixed student housing = 500 lira per student, private housing is possible To lease them with a value ranging from 600 pounds to 700 pounds, Mispronounce marketing that are not taken to start
At a high price and start with attractive value and competition.

Project Information

  • Client: Arkan Al Mutarmada
  • Project value: 00
  • Project duration: 24 Months
  • Satrt date: Done
  • End date: Done

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