The Executive Director of Arkan Almutamada Abdullah Mubarak Al Mutawa announced the start of marketing of the project "Al-Abrar" housing students, located in the city of "Yelwa" Turkish, which includes a group of investment student real estate units that allow investors to invest in the most secure real estate investments, Countries have a student density and a number of universities, with investment returns ranging between 13 and 17%.

Al-Mutawa said that the project has many elements of success, the most important of which is its geographical location in the city of Yelwa, which includes many universities, educational institutes and private and government schools, as it includes about 5 colleges for more than 25 thousand students between the permanent and the new , As well as the nature of safe investment in one of the safest, stable and growing regions around the world.

Yelwa Governorate

He added that Yelwa is a city of nature and tranquility. It is located in northwestern Turkey along the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It overlooks Europe, Asia and the Princess Islands, with more than 240,000 inhabitants.

He noted that Yelwa includes a number of attractions such as Ataturk Palace in Yelwa and is famous for its hot springs, especially the region of Tirmal. It has several commercial complexes, the Bazaar Market and the spectacular Yalwa Corniche overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and Istanbul. It is also characterized by a climate between the Mediterranean and the subtropical climate, cold and warm summer and moderate.

Al-Mutawa said that Yalwa has many services that serve the population in terms of all the needs and requirements of living recreational, health, educational and government service centers such as: Commercial complexes Government service centers Hospitals Popular markets Brands shops Restaurants Cafes Corniche bazaar Overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara Turkish baths hot mountains and high mountains and green universities and institutes.

He stressed that Yelwa is linked to many other governorates through a variety of means of transport, including public transport buses, taxis and maritime transport means, as well as easy access to Bursa and the province of Skarya, Kogayly and Balkasir.

Investment in the student sector

He pointed out that the most important point in any investment is the presence of demand, and since the rate of students in general is growing and continuing, it means the existence of demand and increase in addition to the issue of investment safety (long-term) because of the ongoing demand and because of the presence of the value of the investor in the origin of real estate Stable, adding that among the most important things that drive investment in housing students or students is that the building is close to the university and in a safe place and close to the facilities and services, shops, consumer services and libraries.

Characteristics of the righteous project

Al-Mutawa said that the project includes many services that distinguish it from other similar projects, especially as it concerns the security and safety of students. The project includes security services and guarding around the clock, surveillance cameras, Internet (Wi-fi), medical clinic, modern elevators, central heating system, cafeteria, laundry room, science library, gym, cleaning service, fire extinguishing system, outdoor ... most of which are not available in other nearby student buildings In such an integrated form.

Investment Method

On the other hand, Al-Mutawa disclosed that the investment in the project is available to all individuals, nationalities and different segments. The investor can purchase a real estate unit for one student only, two units for two students or a full room. The number of rooms can be increased to 4 students. , As the greater the investor the amount of real estate units increased the total returns achieved, and therefore the best types of investment is to buy a full apartment of 4 rooms, bringing the number of investment units to 14 students.

Expected returns

He pointed out that the total returns expected in this type of operational projects usually range between 8% and 17%, that is, it offers more than the traditional deposit returns, the investment period in this project is 25 years, that is, the investor can recover its capital during a period of up to 7 The returns are distributed at the end of each academic year in August, and the investor is entitled to resale at any time after 24 months from the date of the first return.

Supported corners

It is worth noting that Arkan is a Kuwaiti company established in the field of real estate since 1998. It has taken the responsibility to work hard for the convenience of its customers through many things including access to attractive sites in the Gulf countries and some countries in the world, In terms of life data such as attractive nature and attractive investment attractiveness, in addition to providing real estate products at competitive prices, as well as providing the best opportunities and solutions to real estate investment returns of rewarding, and cover all the needs of customers from land and real estate Residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural, and investment apartments with high returns such as student accommodation, hotel apartments, residential villas with stunning views and distinctive sites.