Announced the Executive Director of Arkan Almutamada Abdullah Al Mutawa for the launch of the student housing project in Turkey, which includes a group of student real estate units that allow customers to invest in the most types of real estate investments, safe and steady and continuous, housing for students in the most intensive student countries and a number of universities, and return investment distinctive and rewarding Outperforming traditional bank deposits.

Al-Mutawa said that the project carries many elements of success, the most important of which is its geographical location, 100 meters from the university, and in the city of Yelwa, which includes many universities, educational institutes, private and government schools. Of the 25 thousand students between continuous and new, in addition to the university buildings under construction and expected future increase in the number of students in general in the province in a large and heavy, as well as the nature of safe investment in one of the most secure and stable and developed around the world.

Al-Mutawa said that the project includes many services that distinguish it from other similar projects, especially as it concerns the security and safety of students. The project includes security and guard services around the clock, an educational supervisor who sponsors The students are responsible for the transportation of accommodation to colleges and vice versa, surveillance cameras, free wireless internet (wi-fi), medical clinic, modern elevators, central heating system, cafeteria, laundry room, scientific library.